MANT is non-profit organisation (NGO) established in January 2012 by enthusiastic scholars and engineers with global mission to:

  • advance scientific and technological progress;
  • foster technological innovation and excellence, and
  • promote core values of science and technology for better humanity.

The activities through which the MANT realizes its mission are:

  • promoting the value and importance of new technologies, and addressing the issues arising from their use,
  • implementation of scientific and technological research projects,
  • publishing of scientific and technical papers and other materials in the mission frame.
  • cooperation with universities, professional associations, NGOs, companies and other organizations, public, commercial and nonprofit in Montenegro and abroad engaged in similar activities,
  • connecting the state, economic sector and NGOs and citizens for better communication and cooperation,
  • organization of trainings and seminars to acquire skills and knowledge in new technologies,
  • organization of scientific and technical meetings and seminars with the aim of promotion and stimulation of development of new technologies,
  • professional support for NGOs, state bodies and institutions as well as commercial and private entities in the area of science and new technologies,
  • providing service on monitoring and evaluation of projects,
  • providing service on managing and distribution of grant funds for NGOs and individuals.
  • publication of activities bulletins;
  • scholarships for the members and support for the technology development in Montenegro.
  • awarding and stimulating outstanding individuals and institutions, etc.

MANT participates in numerous national, regional and international Projects from different schemes as well as in several Initiatives and Policy Makers Bodies responsible for Science and Education.